‘Tis the season

‘Tis the season

Erstmal – ein frohes Weihnachtsfest euch allen! <3 Und danke, dass ihr den Advent gemeinsam mit mir verbracht habt!

Heute möchte ich eine Kurzgeschichte mit euch teilen, die ich für eine Lehrveranstaltung an der Uni schreiben musste, da sie jedoch perfekt für den heutigen Tag geeignet ist, wollte ich sie euch auf keinen Fall vorbereiten! Über euer Feedback würde ich mich auf jeden Fall freuen 🙂


‘I miss home’, Elizabeth thought, while walking through Salzburg’s sublime Christmas market. She stepped out of the bustling crowd and paused under a cathedral arch. She closed her eyes and looked inward. It was the most beautiful time of the year and yet she didn’t feel the Christmas spirit at all. She felt lonely, lost in a crowd of people. Quite literally, since the market was crammed. She could hear all the people, all the chatter, all the laughter. Far off, she could even her Jingle Bells playing which made her smile. She lingered a little longer, listening to this iconic Christmas tune.

Suddenly she could smell something delicious – sweet and Christmassy. It reminded her of cookies and cinnamon, sugar and snow. ‘It smells like Christmas.’ She sighed, opened her eyes again, intent on finding the source of the heavenly smell. She took in the magnificent view that presented itself to her. If only her family was here to savour this moment with her. ‘If only they were here.’ She shook of her melancholic thoughts and took a step forward. Maybe a sugary treat would cheer her up.

Elizabeth continued her tour of the Christmas market, following the enticing scent. She passed the stalls with all the exquisite and elegant Christmas decorations and the marvellous mangers. And then she saw it. She couldn’t help but smile. Not only had it passed her smell test, the sight of the stall and it’s goods also made her mouth water. They were selling crepes and waffles and churros.

‘A nice crepe would definitely improve my mood.’ She treated herself to a crepe filled with Nutella and began nibbling right away. Elizabeth continued strolling through the colourful market, crepe in her hand, smile on her face, a warm and fuzzy feeling in her stomach. Sugar never failed to comfort her, even though she still longed for her family’s company. ‘Wonder what they’re up to… Definitely gotta give ‘em a ring later!’

She was just finishing the last bit of her crepe when something caught her eye. A stall selling pillows with intricate needlework. “Never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you” one read and Elizabeth knew right away that this was the perfect Christmas gift for her best Friend Jane who got dumped last week. She bought the pillow with a big smile, but then the penny dropped. She wouldn’t be able to give Jane her present until February. Going abroad and having your family and friends with you, would be like having your cake and eating it too. Just when Elizabeth felt herself tearing up, someone approached her from behind and covered her eyes.

“Guess who!” Elizabeth whirled around, squealed with joy, threw her arms around the surprise visitor.

“Janie! I can’t believe your HERE!”, Elizabeth exclaimed exceedingly elated.

“Well, nothing keeping me back home anymore, is there? So I thought I’d spend Christmas with you, got on a plane and Bob’s your uncle.”



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