A dream Job

A dream Job

Eine weitere, allerdings weniger weihnachtliche, Kurzgeschichte aus meiner eigenen Feder mit der selben Protagonistin. 🙂 Für jegliches Feedback bin ich wie immer extrem dankbar! <3


“For heaven’s sake, Brittany! I don’t know where it is either!”
Brittany gave her the evil eye and shot back, “Elizabeth, I hate to break it to you, but it is your goddamn job to know!” Elizabeth didn’t even bother answering, thinking ‘The nerve, oh the nerve!’. Brittany kept nagging, they both continued rushing onwards, looking for the right room. Telling Brittany that they wouldn’t be in this situation if she hadn’t insisted on getting a bigger room for her book presentation in the first place would have been both utterly pointless and somewhat suicidal.

Obnoxious authors like Brittany were the only thing Elizabeth truly despised about her job. Being an editor had been her dream job from the moment she learned that editors basically are paid to read books. Even after learning that there was way more to the job than that, she stuck to her guns. She studied hard, worked her way up the career ladder, landed a job in the publishing house of her dreams. It hasn’t been easy, but she never regretted her decision.

That is, until she found herself running through the Unipark, where everything is either made of concrete or glass, where every floor, every hallway looks completely identical, where finding your way without a map is next to impossible. So there she was, being hounded and cursed at by aspiring author Brittany Garbert-Smithe, all the while looking for the right room. Doing everything in her power to not tell Brittany that the initial room would have been completely sufficient, because she’d be lucky if more than a handful of people would turn up for her pretentious book presentation.

“YOU!”, Brittany barked, “UNIPOG4.032, where is it?” The poor guy she yelled at flinched and just stared at her uncomprehendingly. Nearly dying of shame, Elizabeth stepped in before Brittany could get out another rash and rude remark, “I’m so sorry to bother you, but my name is Elizabeth Evans, and I am looking for this room. Might you be able to help me?” The guy quickly glanced at Brittany, who snorted incredulously, before looking at the note Elizabeth held in her hand. “This room should be on the fourth floor, though I am not sure in which depar –“, Brittany’s minatory look made him gulp and add, “It could, I mean it should be the English department. I’ll… I’ll show you.” He gulped once more and took a step backwards.

Elizabeth gave him a grateful smile and furtively mouthed “sorry”. He hastened ahead and led them through a labyrinth of identical hallways and stairways until they reached their destination at last.

The book presentation wasn’t exactly a success, but the few devoted fans put Brittany in a happy mood. So here sole remark was that the bulk of her fans must’ve simply gotten lost in this labyrinth of a university. Even though she felt like laughing out loud, Elizabeth nodded, smiled, and said in an equivocal voice, “That must be it, Brittany.”


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