Life of Pi – Martel

Life of Pi – Martel

Piscine ‚Pi‘ Patel lived in India with his family and they owned a zoo. Their life was peaceful and quiet until they decided to give up their zoo and move to Toronto. As they were on the ship and in the middle of the atlantic, the ship sank due to a mechanic failure. Somehow Pi manages to flee on a lifeboat and survive. But he is not alone. On ‚his‘ lifeboat are some of the other survivors. There is a zebra with a broken leg, an orang-utan, an hyena and of course Richard Parker. Richard Parker is a grown up royal bengal tiger.

There is only one word to describe Pi’s story – magnificent. How does a sixteen-years old boy from India survive on a small lifeboat with Richard Parker? That is what this amazingly told and well written story is about.
Belief plays also an important role that runs through the whole book.

You are going to be spellbound, absolutely hooked and unable to put the book down. There is so much to tell about Pi’s journey and his story in general, which is unique in every way. It is remarkable how well the author describes his situation and his dispair. His inner demons, his doubts, his dread, you feel what Pi feels and you are with him all the time. The character is far from one-dimensional and his journey is unbelievably moving.

‚Life of Pi‘ is worth reading in every way. A gripping story, a very well rounded and likable protagonist created by an obviously talented author. It is highly acclaimed for a reason and I would recommend it to everyone. If you are too lazy to read or less of a bookworm, there is always the movie.

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